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KMSPico Activator for Windows 11 Pro

Windows 11 is the operating with completely new dynamically adopting UI which is good for any mobile or desktop devices Microsoft did. This Windows will be a breack through in gaming mixed and virtual reality and security as it`s an obligatory to have TPM 2.0 chip for it.

What are the problems in non-activated Windows 11?

You will have a working version, but pretty standard and with no customization features:

  • Personalization options will not be available in Windows 11 settings: changing the wallpaper, visual theme, color options, fonts, lock screen and taskbar options.
  • Watermarks telling you have not genuine version of windows 11 – overlaps a lot of apps and make bed impression.
  • In different settings you will see red text the Windows is not activated.
  • There are various online and offline options available to activator your Windows for free. But the easiest , fastest and safest is KMSPico.

This is not a big problem if your system is not activated. But if you want to have activation, try the KMSPico activator. The activator replaces the genuine Microsoft activation server and activates Windows 11 with any key. After that, from 90 to 180 days, your copy of Windows is activated, later you will need to repeat the activation.

What is KMSPico for Windows 11?

KMSpico – fully automatic activator for Windows and Office based on Microsoft Toolkit’s AutoKMS by CODYQX4. I recommend to use this activator. Absolutely fully activates the final version of Windows 11 and fully automatically. KMSPico is activated with one click of a button and that`s pretty all you need – it regularly updated and free of charge.

KMSPico for Windows 11

KMSpico Features

  • Don’t need installation.
  • Autodetection of products which needs activation.
  • Simultaneous activation of several products: Windows and Office.
  • Completely not harmful to the system, don`t modify any files of Windows 11.
  • Auto extended KMS activation every 180 days.
  • Activates all editions: Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education, Mixed Reality.

What KMSpico can activate ?

  • Windows: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016,2019, (2022 coming soon).
  • MS Office 2010/2013/2016/2019 and 365.
  • Any base 32-bit, 64-bit are supportable.

How to activate Windows 11 using KMSPico?

There is no need to search of for activation of each product separately – KMSpico will deal with everything at once. You have only to download it and follow very easy instruction bellow. We checked this instruction some weeks ago, so it’s recently updated and fully working.

Instruction of activation:

  • Temporarily turn off antivirus and Windows Defender (Click here to get info about how to turn off Windows Defender, if you need it).
  • Download the archive. 
  • Unzip the archive with Activator (Password for archive – windows).  You can use WinRAR to unpack it.Unzip KMSPico
  • Open as an Administrator file “KMSELDI.exe“.Run KMSPico as an administrator
  • In tab “Main” press “Start” button and wait until the activator exits (click install when ask).Run activation
  • Restart computer.
  • Use.

Video of activation

I think it’s easier to watch the video below first, and then use the text instructions. This will make it clearer to execute. In two words you have to disable Antivirus + Windows Defender, download and unzip an activator, run and press button.


Pico activation is easy to done in couple of minutes and give you fully functional just released Windows 11. Activator for Windows 11 pro x64 and x86 versions of the final will be passed as well and you will be pleasantly surprised! Also, i can reccomend to use Microsoft Office latest version, find good activator for MS Office can in this site.

windows 11 activator free download

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