How to turn off Windows Defender in Windows 7?

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Windows Defender on Windows 7

For what need to turn off Windows Defender in Windows 7?

If you want to activate your software free you need to turn off Windows Defender, because Microsoft is blocking almost any software without digital signature as a threaten, even if it`s not harmful. This instruction will tell you how to do it and after activation you can turn back Windows Defender, if you like.


    1. Click start button and open “Control Panel“;
      Click start button and Open control panel
    2. Press defender icon;
      Press defender icon
    3. Open “Tools” Tab;
      Open Tools Tab
    4. Open “Options“;
      Open options
    5. Turn off checkbox;
      Turn off checkbox
    6. Turn off checkbox “real-time protection“;
      Turn of checkbox real-time protection
    7. Turn off “Use This program”;
      Turn off “Use This program”
    8. Press “Save” button;
      Press Save brutton
    9. Press “Close” button;
      Press Close button


Enjoy your freedom from Windows Defender! Now you can safely activate your Windows 7 with any activator from this site. Choose your activator here, download it and activate. If you don`t know how to activate – instructions is attached to any activator you can choose. After success activation you can turn on Windows Defender if you want, by clicking “turn on” button.

If you did not understand something – please watch video tutorial below:

Video tutorial: