Windows 10 Product Keys (All Versions) 100% Working

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Activate windows 10 all editions without any software easy and simple method

Today, not all users have access to licensed software due to its high cost. At the same time, there is no tangible difference between an expensive licensed program and a pirated one. The only difference is in costs.

If you are looking forward to enjoying the features of Windows 10, this article will help you get the Generic Windows 10 Product Keys. These Windows 10 Keys work for all versions and are free to use. In this article, you will be guided regarding the activation through Product Keys for Windows 10.

What is Windows 10 Product Key?

Windows 10 Product Key is the combination of 25 digit character and code (5 codes of 5 digits) that can make your windows activated to its full version. The Win 10 Keys will work on either x86 (32 Bit) and x64 (64 Bit) installations of Windows 10.

A generic Windows 10 Keys are the Keys that help in the installation process, that can activate windows temporarily and can make you use the limited features of the Windows. The Windows installed on your system is a trial version and will expire after 90 days. You can enjoy the free full trial for your copy of Windows. When your free trial has lapsed, then you have to enter the working Key for Windows 10 later. It is mandatory to activate your copy of Windows 10 to avail all features of Windows 10 properly. Therefore you have to buy Windows 10 Product Key or get it from any trusted source.

The Free Product Keys for Windows 10 are listed below. These Windows Keys are operating well and can be used by those who cannot afford the Windows copy.

Windows 10 Enterprise QFFDN-GRT3P-VKWWX-X7T3R-8B639
Windows 10 Education DCPHK-NFMTC-H88MJ-PFHPY-QJ4BJ
Windows 10 Home Key 2F77B-TNFGY-69QQF-B8YKP-D69TJ
Windows 10 Professional WNMTR-4C88C-JK8YV-HQ7T2-76DF9

How to use Windows 10 Licensed Key?

  • Press Start Button.
  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Update & security.
  • Click on Activation.
  • Click the Change product key link.
  • Type the 25-digit product key for the version of Windows 10 you want.
  • Click Next to complete the process.

Enter a product key Windows 10

Anyway, those Keys for sure will work while installation OS, but it may happen that when the Internet is on or after Windows updates, the activation will disappear. You can either buy a key or use an activator or other activation methods.

How to Activate Windows 10 without a Product Key

You can now activate Windows 10 without using the Product Keys required for Windows 10. The Best Activator is KMSPico – this software is an automatic identification key generator for operating systems. He selects the required product code and enters it into the system. These manipulations do not require an Internet connection, everything is done offline.

All you need to do is look into following the steps below:

  • ! It is important ! : on Windows 10 temporarily turn off Windows Defender and some antiviruses (open windows defender -> then click -> settings ->turn real-time protection off) after Activation you could turn it on (Click here to get info about how to turn off Windows Defender, if you need it).How to disable Windows Defender
  • Download this file from here. 
  • Unzip the archive with Activator (Password for archive – windows).  You can use WinRAR to unpack it.password for unzip - windows
  • Open as an Administrator file “KMSELDI.exe“.run as an administrator
  • In tab “Main” press “Start” button and wait until the activator exits.activation button KMSPico
  • After rebooting and activating the system, you can safely remove the activator from the computer.

Video tutorial:

Dear Customer! I hope this article helped you to activate beutiful Windows 10 Pro or Home or version which you have. Please, share this page on any social network. This KMSPico is the best activator in whole world.

Screenshot of activated Windows 10 with using our instruction:

Windows 10 activated