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Windows 10 is the operating system in which the Start menu reappeared. It opens as in Windows 7, although the Metro-interface remains and it can be activated through the taskbar. Of the new products there are also virtual desktops, launching Metro applications in Windows, a slightly changed interface and other, smaller details.

What are the problems for not activating Windows?

Windows gives you a free 30 days trial during which you can use almost all its features. But after the 30 days trial period is over you will be constantly prompted to activate Operating System while some of the features get disabled.

  • The only reminder is the watermark in the lower right corner of the screen, which appears 3 hours after the machine restarts. Also, this mark constantly hangs in the same area of ​​the “Parameters” window. An inscription requiring activation in non-activated Windows 10
  •  One functional limitation is still present – in the non-activated version of the operating system, personalization settings are not available. Simply put, you won’t be able to change the theme, icons, or even your desktop wallpaper.

There are various online cracks and activator available to activate your Windows for free. But these methods are illegal and may be used for education purposes only. You can’t use an activator for free actvation in bussines, only in personal PC in some countries. So its always a good idea to use a genuine copy of Windows if possible.

What is KMSPico for Windows 10?

There are several working activators to activate Windows 10, many of them may have lags or viruses. But an activator like KMSPico is easy to use (activated with one click of a button), fully tested and working free software.

KMSpico 10.2.0 – fully automatic activator for Windows and Office based on Microsoft Toolkit’s AutoKMS by CODYQX4. I recommend to use this activator. Absolutely fully activates the final version of Windows 10 and fully automatically. Now you do not have torment by constant reminds that you need to activate Windows.


  • Does not require active participation of user (enough to install the activator).
  • Simultaneous activation of Windows, and Office (only Office can be activated).
  • After activation, you can install any updates, because it is the manufacturer’s prescribed method of activation, which does not replace files in the system.
  • Any of KMS server provides activation for 180 days. Do not worry! It is extends automatically.
  • Activates any of editions: Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education.

What does the activator work with?

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 32-bit, 64-bit.
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016.
  • MS Office 2010/2013/2016.

The good thing is that you can crack the relatively new “top ten” and Office 2016, which is activated by a paid subscription for a certain period (the developers messed up cunningly).

There is no need to filter a certain number of sites in search of “keygens” or “cracks” for each product separately – KMSpico will cope with everything at once. You have only to download it and follow very easy instruction bellow 🙂


  • Temporarily turn off antivirus and Windows Defender (Click here to get info about how to turn off Windows Defender, if you need it).
  • Download the archive with working Activator in it. 
  • Unzip the archive with Activator (Password for archive – windows). You can use WinRAR to unpack it.password for unzip - windows
  • Open as an Administrator file “KMSELDI.exe“.run as an administrator
  • In tab “Main” press “Start” button and wait until the activator exits (click install when ask).activation button KMSPico
  • Restart computer.
  • Use.

I think it’s easier to watch the video below first, and then use the text instructions. This will make it clearer to execute. In two words you have to disable Antivirus + Windows Defender, download and unzip an activator, run and press button.

Video tutorial:


When I did all instruction items and restart the computer, I was pleasantly surprised. Windows 10 just released and I immediately have license for Windows 10. Activator for Windows 10 pro x64 and x86 versions of the final will be passed as well and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Please, share to your friends this link to help them get free license, becouse right now we are going to new world crysis.

Windows 10 Activated using KMSPico